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MADHAVI is a proof-of-concept short film that deals with domestic abuse.  More specifically it tackles its presence within the South Asian community which is complicated and nuanced due to both the acceptance of domestic violence and the stigma associated with divorce, but MADHAVI is also about a mother and a survivor.

We wanted to bring to life a character that wasn't defined by the marriage and domestic violence she escaped but by her strength and fortitude in carving an unknown path forward.

It is important to talk about the aftermath of abuse. How do survivors cope in daily life? What is lost and what is gained? Within the Indian community, the shame that you bring to family and friends by leaving an abusive marriage can be just as traumatic as the abuse itself, if not more. 

It is important to highlight that a survivor's journey to freedom and happiness isn’t always clear cut once she or he gets out of the traumatic physical space. Mentally and emotionally, these women and men face years of challenges and obstacles towards healing. Community and even chosen family are very important lifelines in a survivor's journey, though the most important step they have to take is to believe in themselves as years of dignity and self-worth have been stripped away by their abuser, leaving very real and long-lasting effects of doubt, insecurities and disillusionment. 


MADHAVI is one story of Resilience, Strength and Hope. It is our teams' hope that we can spark conversations within our communities and show support and solidarity for anyone who may feel voiceless and alone.



Jacintha and Lisa

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